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Welcome to our site...

We, at JRDSHAH Philanthropy advisors, a non-profit organization in India aim to act as a joining link between charity organizations in India and prospective donors world over.

What we do...

We make a deep and thorough analysis of various charity organization which are doing excellent work in the field of providing food to poor, healthcare facility to under privileged, physically and mentally challenged.

We understand the fact that the people with the inclination to help others have very little time to decide where to spend for getting the best results out of their charities. On the other hand the charitable institutions do not have the expertise or finances to adopt various ways to make their presence felt to the world of effluent & wealthy residing all over the world.

We act as joining link between charity organizations and donors.

Parichay Milan 2016...

The most important decision in anyones life is choosing his life partner. It is very strange that we cannot choose our parents, nor can we choose our son or daughter. Even we have no choice in selecting uncle,aunty or cousins. Only choice and that too most difficult of all is given to us is and that is to select our wife or husband. We will be always grateful to the one who helps us in making this defining decision considering this fact, We have decided to take up this responsibility intially for our community boys and girls. We will expand the horizon of my services to all community in time to come. This service will be given absolutely free of cost.

We will have biodatas of all young boys and girls from our Kutchi Jain families settled all over the world. we will be visiting different cities of india initially to collect biodatas of boys and girls for matrimony purpose. We will meet their family and prepare an opinion on each of them which we can share with other prospective families. we will have a scientific approach in evaluating each candidate and their family.

Our website will have almost 80% of all eligible bachelors in our Jain community. This will make our website a must visit for all Jain families in India and abroad when they are looking for an appropriate life partner for their son or daughter.

Parichay Milan 2016 which was held on 12th and 13th March 2016 had 400+ Boys and Girls registered from all over India for matrimonial purpose. We will be sharing their biodata on this website very soon. We expect more than 6000 Kutchi Jain families to benefit from this information.

Shree Samasta Vadodara Jain Sangh Vasti Patrak...

Shree Samasta Vadodara Jain Sangh is registering all Jains living in city of Vadodara ( Gujarat ). They have issued physical forms for registration of families. We have created a facility to register Jain families online on this website. All Jain Sanghs of Vadodara have been informed about this facility of Online Registration. We expect more than 2000 families registering online from this website.

JRD Shah...

JRD Shah,the founder chairman of JRD Shah Philanthropy has been involved in many social, religious and health and education projects at Mandvi Kutch in last 10 years.

Jirnodhhar of Shri Chintamani Parswanath Temple at Dadawadi,Mandvi Kutch....

The restoration and renovation work of 150 year old Chintamani Parswanath Temple was started in the year 2006 and completed in 2008. The entire cost of Jirnodhhar work was borne by Mr.JRD Shah and his elder brother Dr.Naresh R Shah.

Sending free medicines to Shri Meghji Sojpal Jain Ashram at Mandvi Kutch for the treatment of mentally challanged 120 inmates.....

Shri Jayesh Patel of Kivilabs amd Shri Dilipbhai Sanghvi of Sun Pharma has been donating complete requirement of medicines to the jain ashram since 2006 till today.

Renovation work of 28 rooms of mentally challnged inmates...

JRD Shah took up the renovation work of 28 rooms of mentally challnged inmates with all modern facilities with the help of 28 donors including himself. The work was completed in the year 2011. The work was completed under able supervision of Shri Chadreshbhai shah.

Construction of air-conditioned community hall at Jainpuri, Mandvi Kutch...

Mandvi Kutch did not have any good community hall. JRD Shah along with C.A. Jitesh Shah and Shri Vardhamanbhai Shah started the project of construction of air-conditioned community hall at Jainpuri, Mandvi Kutch. The work started in 2007 and completed in 2009. Today most of the social, cultural and religious functions are held in this air-conditioned community hall.

Address : 504, Fortune Tower, Sayajigunj, Vadodara 390005. Ph : 91 265 2362485, 2363223. jrd@jrdshah.com
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